We provide comprehensive coaching programs to transform your property management divisions with a focus on improving productivity to boost your bottom line. Our coaching programs are tailored for AUS/NZ & US and can be individually customised to suit your requirements.

Property Management Kick Start Program - $1,499 AUD (Suited for AUS/NZ & US) 

Get more out of your property management department to streamline efficiencies and maximise profits. The Kick Start Program has been specifically designed for established property management divisions which would benefit from an objective overhaul in respect to systems, structure, procedure, training and overall productivity. 


  • Assessment and evaluation of business and marketing plans
  • Analytic assessment of structure and organisation chart to ensure economics of scale
  • Recommendations on how to fine-tune existing systems and procedures
  • Implementation of an effective customer retention strategy
  • Staff productivity evaluation
  • Full-day onsite and comprehensive report

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Property Management Mentor Program - $329 AUD per month or $1,799 AUD upfront (Suited for AUS/NZ & US)

This hands-on mentor program will ensure that upper level management and or business owners will have the tools they need to effectively run a successful property management division to ensure productivity and sustained growth. 6 month minimum program. 

Areas covered:

  • Productivity and Performance Metrics
  • Recruitment and On-boarding
  • Organisational Job Designs and Workflows
  • Customer Service strategies
  • Bottom line reporting  


  • Half-day initial onsite business assessment 
  • 30-minute monthly online mentor sessions
  • Access to a live webinar once a month
  • Discounts to our events and with connecting partners
  • Digital Resource library material 

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6 week BDM Accelerate Program - $850 AUD (Suited for US) 

In this 6 week acceleration program, we take the time to improve the confidence, focus and direction of the Business Development Manager.  We take them on a journey where we give them a better understanding of:

  • The blueprint to dominate as a BDM 
  • How to increase growth productivity levels
  • Encouragement to change negative behaviours
  • Resources to help prioritise the income producing activities 


  • 6 week accountability plan (this template will guide you through the role of BDM in a step by step process. It is designed to take new and experienced BDM's on a journey and help them refine what they do daily)
  • 1 x weekly phone call over the 6 week period (pre booked appointment with mentor to ensure you are on track and held accountable)
  • Unlimited access and support during the 6 weeks
  • Digital copy of the "Accelerate Manual" valued at $597

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Ultimate BDM Mentor Program - $440 AUD per month or $2,379 AUD upfront (Suited for US) 

The Ultimate BDM Mentor Program will give you a further insight into the day-to-day duties of the Business Development Manager whilst allowing you to connect with many talented BDM's and Property Managers across the US, Australia and New Zealand. 

The PMT Academy understands that getting a new Business Development Manager is just the first step towards preparing for long term rent roll growth. We take the time to educate the BDM and Property Management team on:

  • Inbound and Outbound prospecting activities and the benefits
  • How to nurture and increase the prospecting pipeline 
  • How to achieve consistent results and gain more referrals
  • Understanding the blockages 
  • The importance of setting goals & targets 
  • Implementation of performance metrics & accountability 


  • 6 week program to kick start the rent roll growth plan
  • Unlimited phone/email access to your Mentor
  • Access to a live webinar once a month
  • Closed Facebook group (with live training once a week)
  • Discounts to our events and with connecting partners
  • Digital Resource library material 

6 month minimum program

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For information on our AUS/NZ BDM coaching programs please click here


Kasey McDonald doesn’t mince words, and she doesn’t try to be your friend just to make you feel good. We employed her to help us, not to give us a Hallmark moment. She digs deep for the problems, feeds them straight to you, and tries to get you to be honest with yourself so you can do what you have to do get your business on track. Kasey is a teacher, an instigator, and a coach all rolled into one. She got us to look...not just at what we were, but what we could become. 

Kasey is knowledgeable and thorough in her analysis of your business and system requirements. Equally as important, she has the ability to translate and map these into the processes and technology that actually deliver outcomes. 

Laurell Veivers, Managing Director - Real Property Vibe

When I started as a BDM, I really had no idea where to begin. Connecting with Kasey really helped me understand all facets of my position, and also gave me the tools to be successful. Kasey routinely challenged me to think about how I was approaching leads at different stages, and provided constructive criticism when I needed it most.

I worked extensively with Kasey on my scripts, replies, and even the best way for me to structure my day, and daily tasks. Kasey's guidance has been instrumental in my success as a BDM!

Adam Manly - Goodlife Management San Diego US