• Property Management Workflow Procedures Manual

Property Management Workflow Procedures Manual


About this item

This flowchart and procedures manual is a practical guide for Property Management teams to assist in the implementation of effective checklists and procedural forms within the office. All of the documents are designed for internal modifications to accommodate the individual departmental needs.

Use this manual as a guide to enhance your own systems and you will see noticeable improvements within your department as a result of establishing defined procedures. You will see an improvement in the efficiency of your team allowing more time to focus on rent roll growth strategies.

To establish a solid foundation and the consistency of service within your department this can take time, but by implementing a basic procedural system, with a strong focus on accountability you can be assured that the department will work effectively and efficiently.

This manual does not cover legislation, it is an outline of best practise processes that will greatly assist the day-to-day management of your rent roll.