Things To Top Your Business Checklist For The New Year

With the New Year only 3 days away, I wanted to share some key points that you should consider in your 2019 business’ checklist;

1. Goal Setting

Review the past year including goals set and achieved and start to map out where you want the business to go in 2019. Too often we set goals, grind away, and then look for how to improve again. If we don’t take time to celebrate (even the small things), we become burnt out, frustrated, and ineffective. Do something with your team to celebrate the goals achieved in 2018 then set SMART goals for 2019.

2. Doing A SWOT Review

The end of the year is the perfect time for a SWOT analysis — a review of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This will allow you to determine where your business is in comparison to the strategic plan that was established at the beginning of 2018. Use this to realign end-of-year action and future year planning so your business can stay on the right path for continued growth and profit.

3. Planting The Seeds Of Success For Next Year

Smart leaders can take time to recognize their people and plant the seeds of success for next year. One Principal I have the pleasure of working with sends a personal email to each team member thanking them for their contributions and spotlighting one area to focus on to raise their game for the next year — powerful appreciation and inspiration. 

4. Strategic Planning For 2019

The end of the year is a great time to review your business and marketing plans. Plans include should include strategic initiatives: acquisitions, structure improvements and growth, as well as the key inputs, people, process and technology, that will be required to enhance the success of the business in 2019.

5. Generating Revenue

The one thing that should be at the top of every business’ checklist, no matter what time of year it is, is growth. Why? Without growth, you don’t have a business! It’s the one constant in every sustainable and thriving business. Do you have a growth plan?

6. Budgeting For Training

Take the time to review past training events attended to determine which events need to be on your development training calendar in the next year. Investing in training both personally and for your team increases retention and engagement. Start to also consider which networking functions would be a worthwhile investment.

Preparing your business for the new year is essential, not only does it mean you can hit the ground running in January and hopefully get ahead of your competition but by getting your mind ready to execute it will also ensure you are on the right path to accomplish the vision.