• Webinar - Q & A with Alicia Berruti of BombBomb

Webinar - Q & A with Alicia Berruti of BombBomb


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Join us on Tuesday 19th March @ 12.30pm ASET as we interview Alicia Berruti of BombBomb on the "How and why video will assist you in retaining and growing your business". 

What will be covered:

Alicia Berruti - National Speaker @ www.bombbomb.com

Originally from Vancouver B.C., Alicia comes to us with over a decade of experience in massage therapy which has included running her own small business and building strong customer relationships. She is passionate about people and human connection and is thrilled to have found a home here at BombBomb with people that share her same vision for changing the world through the power of relationships. In her “free” time, you can find Alicia chasing adventure with her three kids, traveling the world in search of good music and food, and making films and commercials in our local Denver film community.